About Us

Channel (H.M Engineering Services).

The blog is interested in providing a set of publications and complete courses in the field of building and construction projects (execution and receipt of civil works items. Implementation and receipt of finishing items. Structural design. Structural evaluation of existing buildings and their rehabilitation).

All this and more.

But we always strive to communicate the information in a simple and easy way so that everyone can absorb and understand, and we also provide, through the blog, answering questions and solving followers’ problems.

Therefore, if you are seeking to invest in acquiring the experience of executing civil works and finishes, and the ability to obtain job application interviews, prove attendance and excellence in the field of work, advance the career ladder at an accelerated pace, and reach the largest gains in the least time, and you are looking for a post that provides you with all the information you are looking for, welcome your blog  (H.M Engineering Services).

More than twenty-four (24) years of experience in building and construction projects in terms of implementing and receiving items of civil works, finishes, structural design, evaluating the structural condition of existing buildings, and developing appropriate structural solutions to improve the condition of the building and its rehabilitation, and we seek to invest in acquiring expertise in implementing civil works, finishes, and excellence In the field of work and access to the largest gains in the least time. 

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